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Baby's First Test has teamed up with a number of wonderful organizations and institutions to provide a wide variety of educational trainings, promotional materials and resources geared towards both parents and providers. We are always adding more things so be sure to check back! If you would like to share how you have used some of these resources in your community, please email

Newborn Screening Trainings

Baby's First Test has partnered with the Iowa State Hygienic Laboratory and Children's National Medical Center to provide two videos gearted towards helping providers perform the heel stick and pulse-oximetry used in newborn screening.

Newborn Screening Educational Materials

We have created materials that can be posted in clinics or given to patients and family members to encourage learning more about newborn screening. If you would like more information about our materials or are interested in ordering high quality, free copies, visit our Education and Training Resource Center.

Additional Resources for Families

The following videos were created to discuss newborn screening issues with patients. The first was created with interviews from our Consumer Task Force on Newborn Screening discussing what they wish every parent knew before the birth of their baby. The second video was created in parternship with Children's National Medical Center to discuss one of the newest additions to newborn screening: using pulse-oximetry to screen for critical congenital heart disease.

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