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Learning about newborn screening

  • “The real beauty of the newborn screening test is it can identify…problems early before the baby has any symptoms, and then you can get treatment to prevent those problems.”This three-minute video, produced by the March of Dimes, depicts a physician speaking with a patient about the importance of newborn screening. Knowing what to expect while you are pregnant, or shortly after birth, can be a vital part in keeping you involved in the process and helping to give your baby the best start to life. Newborn screening, which typically involves a blood spot and hearing test, helps doctors detect if your baby is at risk for certain conditions. These conditions, if left untreated, can be devastating to your baby’s physical and mental development, and some can even be fatal.  While the initial screen simply raises a red flag that something may be abnormal, additional testing will need to be done to get an actual diagnosis. Most babies will not have a condition, but it is important to follow-up with your doctor for more information.

    Check out the mom blog, “News Moms Need” for helpful information from the March of Dimes about how to have healthy pregnancies and families.

    Click here to learn more about newborn screening.

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