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Genetic Alliance Launches 2013 Challenge Awards and 2013 Consumer Task Force on Newborn Screening

  • Genetic Alliance has released a Request for Applications for the 2013 Consumer Task Force on Newborn Screening and the 2013 Challenge Award Program. Both initiatives are aimed at increasing innovation and participation within the newborn screening community.  

    For the Consumer Task Force, individuals with an interest in newborn screening, particularly parents of children who have been affected by newborn screening, are eligible to apply. The Consumer Task Force on Newborn Screening was created to engage a range of stakeholders with an interest in newborn screening policies, activities, and current events. Members of the Task Force will be trained in issues relevant to newborn screening and will create projects targeting groups who typically are in need of engagement regarding newborn screening. Members will receive a $1,500 stipend that is applied to the implementation of their projects. To learn more about our current Consumer Task Force and to find the full Request for Applications, please visit

    The Challenge Awards were created to fund proposals that implement innovative solutions to challenges in the newborn screening system.  Genetic Alliance will distribute awards of up to $20,000 each for organizations to increase newborn screening awareness and integrate Baby’s First Test into new or existing outreach, engagement, or educational efforts. Past Challenge Awardees include hospitals, regional genetics collaboratives, nonprofits, consumer advocacy organizations, and state laboratories. The full Request for Proposals is available at

    Important Dates:

    Question and Answer Webinar for Consumer Task Force:         October 9, 2012
    Question and Answer Webinar for Challenge Awards:              October 10, 2012
    Consumer Task Force Applications Due:                                    November 2, 2012
    Challenge Award Applications Due:                                           November 9, 2012

    You can register for both webinars at

    For more information about either program, please contact Elizabeth Stark, MS, CGC at or 202-966-5557 x 207.

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