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About Us 2023 Newborn Screening Awareness Month

This year marks 60 years of newborn screening (NBS)! In honor of this vital public health milestone, Baby’s First Test, a program of Expecting Health,  will continue our annual tradition of sharing newborn screening facts and stories while sharing fun new activities in which we can all participate. Below are all the materials you need to join our newborn screening awareness month campaign and help us celebrate 60 years of life-changing achievements!

When sharing post, picture, video, or story during NBS Awareness Month, use #NBS60Years and #2023NBS to join our larger awareness campaign and the national dialogue. 

Check out our 2023 NBS Awareness Social Media Toolkit

Social Media Graphics to Share 

Here are several graphics to share on all your social media platforms. The graphics below are compatible with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Be sure to include #NBS60Years and #2023NBS when you post them! 

Update Your Social Media Banners and Covers

Twitter Headers

Facebook Covers

LinkedIn Banners

Raise Awareness at Your Next Meeting 

Use this virtual meeting background throughout September!


  • Download the background
  • Click the “...” in your window
  • Choose “Virtual Background
  • Click on the +” and then select Add Image
  • Upload the background

Microsoft Teams 

  • Download the background
  • Select “Effects and avatars
  • Select “More video effects
  • Click “+ Add new
  • Upload the background

Newborn Screening Activity Corner

Let's raise awareness for newborn screening and have fun while doing it! Here are two activities that will inspire you to get creative as you celebrate 60 years of newborn screening. 

  1. Create a sign celebrating the 60th anniversary of newborn screening.
  2. Download and decorate the birthday cupcake graphic below. 

Get creative and get your family and friends involved! Use markers, colored pencils, crayons, paint, glitter/glitter glue, fuzzy pom poms, etc., to make your creation come to life. If you choose to post your designs on social media, make sure to include #NBS60Years and #2023NBS in your caption so that we can see and share them with the rest of the newborn screening community. If you'd rather us post your creations for you, email them to Dr. Eboni Drummond.

Post and Share Messages on Social Media 

Sample messages to share on your social media platforms: 

  • September is Newborn Screening Awareness Month! To learn more about #newbornscreening and what to expect, visit #NBS60Years #2023NBS
  • Did you know there are three parts to #newbornscreening? The blood test (or heel stick), the hearing screen, and the pulse oximetry test. Learn more about what to expect from your baby’s first test: #NBS60Years #2023NBS
  • Each year, about 12,500 babies are born with one of the conditions included in state #newbornscreening panels: #NBS60Years #2023NBS
  • Did you know that not every state screens for the same #newbornscreening conditions? Find out which conditions your state screens for here: #NBS60Years #2023NBS
  • Learn from other families, in their own words, what their #newbornscreening journey has been like: #NBS60Years #2023NBS

Educational Resources to Share 

Looking for newborn screening educational resources to share? Our Newborn Screening Resource Center has many excellent English and Spanish resources from our team and organizations nationwide. 

Awareness Month Activities From our Partners 

How are you raising awareness for newborn screening? To let us and others know what you are doing throughout the month, email Dr. Eboni Drummond.

Looking for more specific information?

Find more information about a specific condition or state

Find a condition What your state offers

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