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About Us 2022 Newborn Screening GRACE Award Recipient

On behalf of our esteemed selection committee of newborn screening stakeholders, we would like to thank all who applied for the second annual Generating Real Action by Cultivating Engagement (GRACE) Award. Each application reminded us of our collective commitment to engaging families and communities in newborn screening.

After careful consideration, we are pleased to recognize Illinois Sound Beginnings (a collaborative partnership between the Illinois Early Hearing Detection & Intervention program and the Illinois Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side organization) for their innovative and practical approach to family engagement in the newborn hearing screening space.

A word from the 2022 GRACE Award recipient:

As true partners, the IL EHDI (Early Hearing Detection & Intervention) and IL Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side (ILHV GBYS) staff work very closely to develop grant narratives, budgets, project methodology, work plans, and data measures. By having activities family-focused, this allows the program to address the screening and follow-up needs of all infants and their families in Illinois while reducing diagnostic loss to follow-up and increasing early intervention and parent-to-parent support enrollment. 

Join us on Tuesday, September 27th at 1:00 PM EST to learn more about this program’s incredible work and hear their exciting plans for the future. 

Register here!

If you have any questions or have issues submitting your nomination, please contact Dr. Eboni Drummond at [email protected]. 

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