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Newborn Screening Tasting Tradition Discussion Panel
Newborn Screening Tasting Tradition Discussion Panel

Produced by Baby's First Test

TYPE: Webinar
PUBLISHED: Tuesday, December 19, 2017
CONDITIONS: Classic Phenylketonuria, Medium-Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency

On Tuesday, December 19th at 12 PM EST, Baby's First Test hosted a discussion panel on newborn screening around the dinner table! Our panelists discussed their personal experience with special diets as well as their challenges and successes with meal planning during the holidays, including their favorite recipes, ingredient substitutions, and resources. Our panelists included:

Brenda Winiarski is the founder of the non-profit Cook For Love, which creates recipes and meals designed for the low-protein PKU community. She is the mom of a child living with PKU. Her work is dedicated to her promise to her daughter to find enjoyable and PKU friendly recipes.

Tiffany Gilchriest is the mother of a daughter with MCAD. She has years of experience learning to balance all of her daughter’s nutritional needs during the holidays.

Maria Depenweiller is a nutritionist and food blogger. She runs a blog called The Wooden Spoon and shares recipes from her perspective as both a nutritionist and as an individual living with PKU.

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