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  • As we all know, parents looking for information on newborn screening can find a wealth of resources to answer their questions online. But parents aren’t the only ones in need of easy access to resources; healthcare providers are also in need of access to accurate information online to ensure they provide the best care possible for patients. With this in mind, the newborn screening community has created a number of useful training webinars designed specifically to educate providers on a variety of newborn screening related topics. Below are listed a few webinars and toolkits that help providers create and maintain successful newborn screening programs as well as train professionals to properly perform newborn screens, educate families, and interpret test results.

    The Baby’s First Test/Children’s National Medical Center CCHD Video for Providers

    With the growing number of states screening for CCHD, it’s important that professionals properly understand how to test babies for CCHD as well as the importance of the test itself. This free, twelve minute video will provide an understanding of the pulse oximetry screening for nurses and other practitioners who may need to perform the screen.

    The Children’s National Medical Center’s CCHD Program Toolkit

    If you a provider looking to start a CCHD testing program, this free toolkit will provide all the educational materials you need to start a successful program. Included in this document is an overview of programming, training materials for practitioners complete with a quiz, and educational materials for parents in English and Spanish.

    Wisconsin Newborn Screening Program’s Blood Specimen Collection Webinar

    Wisconsin’s Newborn Screening Program has developed a free webinar to train practitioners such as nurses, midwives, and phlebotomists collect acceptable blood specimens from the heel stick test. The hour-long webinar includes family interviews, flow charts, images of unsatisfactory specimens, and a certification quiz. It’s great for helping to train new workers and maintain quality control.

    Newborn Screening Education’s Collection of Webinars

    Newborn Screening Education provides three “Continuing Education” webinars. One webinar covers blood spot collection, highlighting the process in terms of Virginia’s Newborn Screening Program, another is a provider-oriented training on CCHD testing, while the last webinar is geared towards helping physicians interpret the results of the CCHD screen. All of these webinars are free to access, but healthcare providers can purchase the course to gain access to a tracking program that will record who completes the training.

    These webinar’s have the power to help providers maintain a quality of care that is crucial in newborn screening. To all the providers reading this post, we hope these webinars will be useful to you as you save babies!

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