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New Baby in the New Year?

  •  It has been said that babies born on the New Year are guaranteed to be lucky for the rest of their lives. Whether these superstitions hold true or not, no amount of luck or fortune can outweigh the joy of having a healthy, happy baby.

    Before welcoming your new bundle of joy into the New Year, be prepared by knowing the benefits of newborn screening. Each year, 98 percent of newborns undergo the screening, allowing doctors the opportunity to start treatment on babies born with conditions, and to verify the health of babies born without them.  In 2013, newborn screening will celebrate 50 years of providing parents, families and health professionals with diagnoses that have saved and enriched the lives of newborns.

    If you are expecting a baby in the New Year don’t just rely on luck. Here are four things you can count on to help you get ready for your newborn:

    1. Develop a list of resources to lean on. Mom's who blog, organizations and social communities are here to help. You are not alone!
    2. Use Twitter as a resource. It can be one of your top information and news outlets. Also, don’t be afraid to contact high profile doctors and medical outlets. Twitter gives the average person access to highly qualified and otherwise difficult professionals to reach.
    3. Use recommendations, reviews and ratings from social media sites when choosing your doctor. Social media is the new word of mouth!
    4. Infographics are easy and fun ways to remember your newborn screening facts before you have your new baby!

    Having a baby is an exciting and sometimes confusing time for expecting parents and families. Baby’s First Test, is dedicated to educating parents, health professionals, and the public about newborn screening and providing opportunities to share their experiences. Luck plays a role in any situation, but when it comes to newborns, Baby’s First Test doesn’t leave anything to chance.

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